Why do we have so many shelters for cats and dogs on this island and none for youth?

youths Ryans House Vision Statement
Ryan’s House for Youth! will offer a safe, home-like environment for at-risk and homeless teens. With the help of caring mentors, youth will find the tools to help heal and grow in their relationships, while giving them the opportunities to reach their highest potential.
How these students are living now
Three percent of homeless youth live in an unsheltered environment; under tarps, in tents, in cars, or in the woods. Out of fear, 29% of these students aren’t comfortable revealing information about where they’re staying. The teenage years can be a stressful time for any kid, but one thing teenagers shouldn’t have to worry about during this time is where they’re going to sleep each night.
There are many reasons why these students are homeless. The majority of them leave home due to a parent or parents with substance abuse issues. Neglect also comes into play during these scenarios; parents are so busy with their own issues, they cannot focus on their children.

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